May 30, 2024

Crafting Your Home Brief: Securing Your Co-Owned Property

Building on your understanding of the needs and wants of each group member, you can begin to create a list of criteria for your co-owned real estate purchase. This Home Brief will guide your Husmates Realtor in finding the right property for you.

Acting Quickly in a Competitive Market

As you hunt for homes together, you will likely be presented with options that require quick decisions. Ensure everyone’s desires and criteria are clear so that your group can swiftly determine whether you want to view a property.

Case Study: The McGill Group


  • Serena needed a main floor bedroom and a bathroom big enough to accommodate her wheelchair.
  • A separate entrance for Kativa was a nice-to-have.
  • Tom and Lara wanted a fourth bedroom for a future child.


  • Garden space was highly desired by all, and properties without any garden space were not considered.


  • Flexibility was key. They prioritized a house that met their needs over proximity to downtown, so suburban homes were acceptable.

Creating Your Home Brief

Now it’s your turn. Get together with your group and create your Home Brief! This document builds on the work done in Steps 1 and 3 when reviewing your compatibility with your purchasing group and developing your Group Agreement.

Use this table to create a shared vision of what you’re looking for in your housing search. Review your Home Brief with your trusted Husmates Realtor to ensure it aligns with your budget, established in the .

If the Home Brief is too ambitious for the price, it should be modified before the group starts looking. It has to be based on realistic options in the marketplace, otherwise everyone will be disappointed.
— Lesli Gaynor, Co-founder of Husmates

Moving Forward

Once you have your completed Home Brief and have assessed it with your Husmates Realtor, you can start looking at properties. Check out co-ownership and traditional real estate properties on the Husmates mobile app. Download the app on Apple App Store or Google Play store, setup a profile, and find matches and properties. If a mobile app isn't your thing, book a 1-on-1 chat with one of our Founders and co-ownership real estate agents, and we can set you up to receive co-ownership properties daily.

In the next part of our blog article series, we break down the different types of properties that are great for co-ownership.

By being prepared and knowing exactly what you’re looking for, your group will be ready to act fast and secure your dream co-owned home. Happy house hunting!

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