About Husmates

The current real estate market prices in major cities require us to think creatively about homeownership, and we believe that co-ownership offers the ideal solution. Humates is a new, digital matchmaking platform matching home buyers to co-own property. Co-ownership makes property ownership possible for an estimated 1 million non-owners in the Great Toronto Area (GTA), but to participate, you need a partner or group to co-own with - this is where Husmates comes in.

Created for anyone interested in meeting a person or group to buy property together through co-ownership, Husmates is on a mission to help create households (Hus) of fellow sharers (Mates) who, when cooperating in purchasing property, can help disrupt the housing security crisis.

Co-ownership experts Lesli Gaynor and Parimal Gosai created Husmates. With 18+ years of combined experience in co-ownership-based real estate, Lesli and Parimal have dedicated their real estate careers at GoCo Solutions to facilitating co-ownership real estate arrangements. Motivated by the desire to create real systemic change within the real estate industry and make homeownership more accessible, they have helped dozens of people co-purchase homes and are currently working with even more people to make their co-ownership dreams a reality.

Living in co-ownership arrangements provides many benefits, including building equity, sharing expenses, creating an intentional community or an alternative small-scale retirement household. The first step to co-ownership is finding the right co-owner or group of owners with Husmates. We strive to make co-ownership available to everyone, especially those who don’t already have an individual or group to buy with.

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