June 9, 2024

Co-Ownership Templates to Set You Up for Success

Now that you have everything in place to start your co-ownership journey from getting started understanding your wants and needs to establishing your agreement it is important to set yourself up for success long-term.

You can achieve this by keeping all documents ordered and accessible, setting up regular meetings, and establishing methods of sharing and tracking critical information, from emergency contact information to monthly revenue and expenses.

Our resources below will help you and your partners stay organized and maintain transparent communication:

Do you think these templates are helpful? Well, when you sign a Buyer Representation Agreement and choose Husmates' Parimal and Lesli as your co-ownership realtors, you receive event better templates. If you're ready, or just want to learn more, click here to book a one on one video call with them.

Wrapping up your co-ownership learning journey into co-ownership? Make sure you didn’t miss anything! Explore the earlier sections of our Beginner's Guide to catch up on all the essential insights and tips you might have missed:

  1. What is Co-Ownership?
  2. Get Started with Co-Ownership
  3. Find Co-Ownership Partners
  4. Establishing Your Terms
  5. Secure Financing
  6. Finding Co-Ownership Property
  7. Establish Your Co-Ownership Agreement
  8. Setting Yourself Up for Success