March 7, 2024

International Women's Day Spotlight: Meet the Powerhouse Founders of Husmates

This International Women's Day, we're turning the spotlight onto two inspiring women disrupting the world of real estate: Husmates Co-Founders Lesli Gaynor and Nital Gosai. Proptech Collective recently celebrated Lesli and Nital for their vital contributions to the Proptech industry with Husmates.

Together, with their other Co-Founders, they created Husmates, a digital platform that's changing the way we approach homeownership through the power of co-ownership. Let's dive into their stories and learn why we're so excited about their mission!

Lesli Gaynor: Real Estate Agent, Social Changemaker, Co-ownership Champion

Lesli's path to Husmates reflects a lifelong dedication to helping others thrive. With over 20 years of experience as a social worker, policy writer, community leader, and even the founder of the popular Toronto restaurant Mitzi's, she understands the impact our homes have on our lives. After 7 years as a real estate agent specializing in co-ownership, her mission became clear: Everyone deserves access to a safe and secure home, and co-ownership is a powerful tool to make it happen.

"I believe our homes are the foundation for so much of life – personal well-being, community, and economic success. Co-ownership allows us to work together to make those dreams more accessible for more people."

Lesli Gaynor, Husmates Co-Founder

Nital Gosai: Lawyer, Advocate, and Co-ownership Expert

With a strong commitment to integrity and helping her clients, Nital Gosai has built a thriving law firm, Gosai Law, specializing in human rights, personal injury, family, wills & estates, and real estate law. Her fierce advocacy for clients, along with years of experience facilitating co-ownership real estate deals, make her a natural champion for this innovative homeownership model.

"Co-ownership has the power to transform lives, but it needs to be done right. I'm passionate about ensuring people have the legal knowledge and framework to co-own with confidence."

– Nital Gosai, Husmates Co-Founder

The Birth of Husmates

Lesli, Nital and their co-founders recognized a huge problem in the traditional real estate market. People want to own homes but are locked out due to sky-high prices and rising interest rates. But to co-own, you need to find the right people! Husmates was born – a digital platform that helps match like-minded co-buyers to make co-ownership easier and more accessible. It's a testament to their belief that by working together, we can find creative solutions to complex problems.

Why Co-ownership?

  • Affordability: Share the costs, share the equity. Co-ownership often opens doors that traditional homeownership cannot.
  • Community: Intentional co-ownership isn't just about the house; it's about creating supportive living situations and even alternative forms of family.
  • Flexibility: Co-ownership can be a stepping stone to solo homeownership later, a way to downsize, or a path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Looking Ahead We're proud to recognize the work of Lesli and Nital this International Women's Day. As leaders in the proptech space and championing an innovative approach to real estate, they're creating a brighter future for aspiring homeowners.

Want to learn more or start exploring co-ownership? Download the Husmates app on iPhone or Android, today and let's start building your path to homeownership!