May 10, 2024

Connecting with Co-Owners: How to Find Your Ideal Group

Co-purchasing opens up a world of possibilities for forming a homeownership group. Whether you’re a single buyer looking for partners or teaming up with friends and family, there are numerous ways to find the perfect co-owners and properties to match your vision.

Flexibility in Forming Your Group

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to co-ownership. Whether you’re joining forces with close friends, creating a multigenerational home with family, or connecting with new acquaintances, your success depends on your cooperation and commitment to the process. The key isn’t how long you’ve known each other but how well you work together and share goals.

Building Trust and Openness

Openness and honesty are the foundation of successful co-ownership. Establishing shared goals early on is essential, as your relationships will deepen throughout this journey. Co-owning a home means sharing not just space but also personal and financial aspects of your lives.

Be upfront about your needs, wants, and dreams. Transparency will make it easier to find people who align with your lifestyle and homeownership vision. Remember, the three C’s of co-ownership: cooperation, compassion, and compromise.

Types of Co-Ownership Groups

Family Connections

Multigenerational living has been around for ages. Many of us grew up in homes with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This setup allows you to stay close to family while sharing the responsibilities of homeownership, aging-in-place, and childcare. It’s a fantastic way to create a supportive and nurturing environment.

Personal Connections

Forming a co-ownership group with friends or people you have existing personal connections with is another excellent option. This approach lets you build a home based on shared interests, beliefs, and ideals, often with fewer preconceived expectations than with family.

New Connections

Living with new acquaintances might seem intimidating, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Without prior expectations, you might find it easier to negotiate and establish clear boundaries. Fresh connections often lead to some of the best cooperative living arrangements.

How Husmates Can Help

Husmates simplifies the process of finding and forming a co-ownership group with its unique matchmaking and property finding features. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Profile: Sign up and create a free Husmates profile. Share details about your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, financial situation, and real estate goals. The more descriptive you are, the more accurate your matches will be. If you have any questions or want to talk to an expert, book a 1-on-1 video chat with one of our founders.
  2. Match: Browse profiles of potential co-owners in your area from the Husmates dashboard. When you find someone who seems like a good fit, click the “match” button. If they agree, you’ll be connected!
  3. Chat: Once matched, you unlock the chat feature so you can message directly through your Husmates matches. Use this time to discuss your co-ownership goals and see how well you align. Need tips? Check out Chatting 101 for advice on starting a conversation.
  4. Search Properties: Searching for properties on the app is exciting and helps you learn more about your match’s preferences. Use Husmates to search, save, and share listings. Discuss features you like and track market trends together. Ready to see a property in person? Click Request a Tour to connect with a co-ownership real estate specialist.
  5. Request to Meet or Request a Tour: When you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to your matches and meet in person. For property listings you both like you can also Request a Tour. Start building your shared homeownership future today.

Finding Co-Ownership Group Members At Our Events

In addition to the Husmates app, consider Husmates Events for finding co-owners:

Husmates hosts both online and in-person events to educate and promote co-ownership success stories, legal stuff, and finances. Join our mailing list to stay updated on upcoming events and find your future co-owners.

“Some of the best cooperative living arrangements are with former strangers. Because they don’t expect to be best friends, and they act as responsible members of a purchasing group from the start.

— Lesli Gaynor, Co-founder of Husmates

How Do You Establish Your Purchasing Group?

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